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Virtual Watertower excursion/tour magnifique.

Posted by electricaxe on August 24, 2011

Next Vlog, it’s over 20 mins long, so watch bits or whatever if you don’t want to watch the full thing and without further ado.

Apparently YouTube decided it would make it crap Quality. Sorry about that.

If people try to criticise this, just tell them it’s a cinema veritie style documentary and they dont understand art. *shrug*

For all you people that have been longing to see my neck again or wanted to get closer to my face without making it personal, there’s something for you in here too.


Comment below.


2 Responses to “Virtual Watertower excursion/tour magnifique.”

  1. John said

    Your Blair Witch, shakey-cam styling for this video, coupled with the spooky end location had me 100% prepped for you to get attacked by a ghost or something for most of the video. You definitely should have spent more time shrieking in the echo chamber.

  2. Tim said

    God bless your nonstop walking! I love the fact that you just pick a random destination and walk to it because, fuck, why not. Bless.

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