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Monday the 15th of August.

Posted by electricaxe on August 15, 2011


So thanks to Jo, Trent, Kat and Sarah who all commented on my last post. Much love. Also special thanks to the boys (John, Mike and Felix) who graced me with their video presence in the last couple days, it’s excellent to hear from you all.

Today it’s raining, granted not very well…its mainly a light drizzle. But it still would make the walk to the shops perilous in terms of the possibility of getting both myself and any shopping I do wet. Today, therefore is going to be an inside day unless the rain stops, which doesn’t look likely. Thus another episode of bloggginggg.

It's all hazy and rainy today.

I’ve spent the weekend basically doing nothing and just relaxing in my apartment. Watched a lot of youtube and also Bad Boys and Serenity. So that’s been good. Not too much to report. Everything around campus is closed until the official start of the semester so it’s a bit dead around here, but I’m sure it’ll pick up soon.

BUT the other day I did go into Växjö, which is almost exactly a 2 hour return journey plus whatever time you spend there of course. As promised (at least I think I promised) here are some photos of that journey. This time I went right though the middle of campus so there are some shots of the uni as well.

Also to all the people who wanted to see inside the castle….a bit of an update. I learned that it’s basically a place for holding functions and events now. There are some tours of sorts but it seems to be quite random when they are actually on. However, there is a glimmer of hope. I read somewhere or someone told me that the welcome dinner they have for all the international students might be there. Not 100% on that. But if it is I’ll be sure to take me camera. Don’t worry, I’ll update you more as I find out things.

EDIT: So while those photos took like 2 hours to upload the rain let up, so I went shopping. The supermarket is just out of the campus and down the road, almost to the lake into town but not quite. Anyway, I did some shopping not a lot cause I wanna get my back account sorted first, so I’m living off the money I brought with me. Besides the point, besides the point…I went shopping, bought some things (as you do) and I thought of a new thing I might try out on this blog. We’ll see if you guys like it.

SOOOOO here’s some crazy things I bought and I’ll eventually eat them and review them and tell you what they are like and you guys can, I dunno discuss them in the comments or tell me to stop shovelling junk in my mouth (I wont listen but you can say it :)). Since this is the first one it’s gonna work a little differently, I’ve got a couple items, not very weird but weird to me (the weird things will come I promise, just the lack of viable funds at the moment).


Here we go.

I’m not usually one for frozen dinners but the photo on this packaging looked great…and it’s called ‘Black & White’, that caters to my knowing of English. The ‘Ballerina’ thing I guess is pretty self explanatory. That brown stuff in the lower left corner is called ‘Choc Dessert’, a simple but effective name but it looks a bit shoddy so we’ll see about that. The last in the photo is ‘Tuc’, I put that in there as a first off thing cause I’ve tried it and I’ll let you know how it was. Huzzah!

Well. Tuc. So the package mechanics are great….as you can see from the little picture on the wrapping it lifts up from the sides and like stickys back down. It’s genius. The cracker design is quite nice, a rectangle with the corners cut off and the size is well suited for the one-bite technique (multiple bites not needed). The taste is quite nice, it’s sortof cheesey without being overpowering and for a hard cracker the texture is quite soft. Overall I give it a 4/5, quite yummy.

So there we go. Discuss, bond, relate, comment and I will see you for the next installment of my blog.



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