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blogginlägg nummer två

Posted by electricaxe on August 12, 2011

I’ve been here a few days now and I’ve taken a few photos and a video for your and my enjoyment. I haven’t got any photos of the town yet but I will hopefully yet some today. That and try out whatever the hell “Max” is. I heard from someone that it’s like Maccas but better. A huge claim I know. The local cinema has also been pointed out to me so I might go have a look at that too. Just a warning before I post some photos, I like nature. So there’s a lot of that 🙂 Enjoy!

This was a collection of photos from a journey which started at my apartment building and went right around the uni eventually ending in a castle and a lake and then back down the other side of the university.


Hope you enjoyed that.

…and here is a little vlog showing you around my apartment and stuff. I hope you enjoy. Please comment, like John…whatta great guy! Also if you haven’t hit me up on Skype yet, do it! Even Jo did it! Hi Jo! Perhaps you might also get a personal mention in my blog, eh? Can you give up that kind of prize?

I didn’t mean to do the Community Channel/Natalie Tran ‘Hi’ but it just sorta happened. I’m not doing it again!

Peace out ladies.


5 Responses to “blogginlägg nummer två”

  1. Joanna said

    Weee I got a mention… haha. It looks really nice there! I like the look of the castle. Your mission is to get inside!

  2. This looks sweet as hell, keep doing this thing

  3. Kat said

    That castle looks fricken amazing! I’m full of jealousy. More Natalie-isms in your vlogs tia.

  4. lol debari that was great!! So awesome to hear your voice from so far away!!
    Sara from work, she has that weird hard bread stuff!!! She eats it with yoghart or someshit! shes pretty weird 😀

    thats pretty nice of them to fit the little apartment out with a couple of things too 😀

    Also, is it just me or is like, everything inside your apartment from Ikea?! Does every sweedish house get kitted out with ikea furniture?! If so, RAD!!

    keep the vlogs goin man, stay safe ❤

  5. electricaxe said

    I think my apartment is more Ikeay then Sophie’s but I wouldn’t rule out a fair amount of Ikea stuff in a house.
    Thanks for all the excellent comments guys.
    I shall keep doing the thing I am doing.
    Miss you all.

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