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Travelling to Sweden.

Posted by electricaxe on August 11, 2011

Hi all,

So here it is, my first blog post from Sweden! Exciting, right?

Well, I better start from the beginning then. On Monday I went to the Perth airport for my first of two flights. My wonderful and beautiful friends and family saw me off. Felix bought me one last beer, Michael was wrong about 24 and there were hugs all around.

At about 10 past 9 or so I left them behind and went through that large doorway into the unknown. In the unknown, was a desk with customs cards to fill and a giant roped queue area that was completely abandoned. I gave the card and my passport to the guy at the counter. I was so nervous that when he gave my passport back to me it took me like 30 seconds to put it in it’s dumb sleeve. I was shaking so much.

Finishing up with that I moved to the next area. Here I put my laptop on a tray and sent my things though the x-ray-a-majig. I almost left my camera behind but someone called me back for it *phew*. As I was trying to leave this area there was a frail looking guy trying to make his way out in front on me. Being the gentleman I am I waited behind him as he made his way. Apparently this must have looked suspicious or something cause after a few seconds this burly Indian guy calls me over and frisks me. Yep well I dunno.

Needless to say, I rushed outta there as fast as I could.

The final of the trials was simply waiting at the gate. I managed to park myself quite close so I just waited, something that I would be doing a lot of in the coming hours. Everything was pretty standard here, ‘cept one thing….did you know that they use a dot matrix printer there? I was like ‘WOOOOAHHH’. I haven’t heard that sound in a while.

The flight to Dubai was quite nice. Not many people were on that flight and I was able to get a nice row of seats to lay on and Emirates don’t even charge you for there entertainment system. Or for food! I had like infinity meals. TWO breakfastses (one on each flight)…I don’t even normally have one!

I watched a bit of TV and the movies Paul and Unknown. Both were alright. The alien in Paul though looked amazing.

So yeah, got to Dubai and maaaaannn is that place big. From what I could tell that gates were numbered for about 110-280 or so. So every gate has a massive number. Here’s a few photos:

So once I found my gate I pretty much stayed put. After a while I kept nodding off, so I exchanged some aussie money I had with me to Dirums?? and bought a coffee and one of the places. It was pretty horrible coffee but it did the job. When I got back to the gate my seat was taken so I sat on the floor and waited.

Once the gate opened everyone flowed though the doors and into another room for more waiting. Then we went on the plane bound for Copenhagen.

This plane was obviously older then the first one I went on. I think the entertainment system was broke so we just had to channel surf (as opposed to the other flight that had like an archive of stuff that you could choose and start watching at any time). That along with the fact that I had already been on an eleven hour flight and waited another 2 hours for that plane made the second flight less bearable.

Towards the end of the flight we flew over Malmo, on the tip of Sweden and theres all these little cottages and farms all dotted around. It was real pretty, even from that high up. This was my first look at Sweden. We sorta circled the bridge that leads from Denmark into Sweden and then descended into Copenhagen.

Here I got into trouble with security for taking a photo, which he made me delete. Eh! I just wanted to show you guys how small it was. I mean….like I’m never gonna make fun of the airport in Perth again THAT’S for sure. Is liddle like babby.

Then they stamped my passport. YAY! Page number 1, stamped! It went a bit down hill from there. I found the machine that I needed to used to get my train ticket, which I had booked in advance and that was fine. But trying to find the platform I needed to be on was excruciating! After waiting another hour-hour and a half and speaking to a random guy and a train conductor I got on the right train 🙂

We went over the bridge that I had previously seen from the air and out in the ocean they have this wonderful windmill farm. I like windmills, they are relaxing as hell.

This train trip was a few hours long and by this time I was pretty tired. Here’s a video of some of the scenery:

At the beginning of the train ride a conductor came by and told me I needed to be in the other carriage because the train splits after a while (psssh I dunno) so I moved…accidentally hitting some people with my luggage on the way. Later we reached another station (as trains often do) and everyone just left. Completely evacuated the train. I gotta say I was weirded out. Anyway, then another conductor told me that I should be in the carriage I previously came from. I tell you what they know how to confuse a foreigner quite well. Oh also I had two tickets so I assumed I had to change trains at some point. NUP! It was the same train! What’s all that about?

Anyway, after that ordeal I got into Växjö (which is apparently pronounced like Vaquwee or something) and Sophie picked e up. All the streets there are all cobblestone and awesome. She took me for a quick drive around town and then around campus and of course went and saw my apartment. She cooked me food too, it was like a sorta prawn starry…quite nice, and one of her friends came by. Everyone I have met here is super nice. I just waiting for my housemate to come and be a jerk cause knowing my luck…haha.

Anyway I’m gonna finish up here, cause I’m hungry. But there will be another blog post soon. Maybe even later tonight, with a video showing you my apartment. So stay tuned, readers.


2 Responses to “Travelling to Sweden.”

  1. John said

    720p Videos!? Properly formatted photos in grids?! This travel blog already kicks the shit out of mine, in technical prowess alone. And seems like Sweden is turning out pretty awesome.

    And I see I’m not the only one to be BRUTALLY TRICKED by a European train network. Also glad you didn’t get sent to France or someplace where the rest of the train went.

    In conclusion, we demand moar photos! More content! Argarhgharhgarghrah

  2. Glad to see things are going well man 🙂

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