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Posted by electricaxe on July 31, 2011

Wooh this stats page says 11 people visited this blog on the 7th of July. Man, they must’ve been way disappointed since I haven’t posted since January. What good times. While I’m talking briefly about stats, most of my hits are coming from this website apparently, so a thank you to them (they’re way better then those guys who thought my costume was shit, I’d like to see them try, the little S.O.Bs).

So, the main attraction…..

I am going on exchange to Sweden in oh about 8 days now. So this blogpost is gonna be about the start of what will probably be an onslaught to posts about things while I am in Sweden and this is where it all starts.

So how did this happen? Well obviously you hear around the place that going on exchange to a different country is like one of THE things you should do as a student. You’ll regret not doing it, it’ll be the most rewarding experience of your education blah blah blah. So during my first year I went to the exchange fair at uni, it sucked multiple balls and was literally some tables set up in front of the library with some pamphlets and a person at each. Most of the countries were not represented and only the big unis had big colourful materials of “students” chilling and doing a whole bunch of non-studenty things. I picked up a bunch of reading material. One, I remember was The University of Waterloo in Canada. I have such a boner for Canada (one day…). But while I was there I learnt that you had to have a certain grade average and be in at least your second year. So that went out the window pretty quickly.

So I did my thang for the next year and in early February something made me check in with the peeps at uni about exchange stuff and as it turned out the deadline for the second semester was about a week away. I took the list approved universities home and researched all the units and universities and what they had to offer.
After several days of intense researching I had a short list of universities, which changed constantly. For a time Finland was my number one choice until it was bumped to 3 because their Nordic culture and mythology units weren’t available to exchange students.
So with the deadline approaching rapidly, I had to make a decision….do I want to do this? And after much deliberation, I decided to go for it. I think it’s not very often that I put myself out of my comfort zone so committing to this was a pretty massive decision. Especially seen as I live at home with my parents and have never left the country before.

I had a whole bunch of trouble when applying to the host university with courses being cancelled and changed and them telling me that I wasn’t qualified to do their dumb database course even though I do that shit in my sleep.
So eventually they accepted me and my courses and sent me a welcome pack in the mail in a nice little yellow folder. The booklet for the university consists of a bunch of writing and many photos of people playing in snow. SNOW! I’m gonna go see snow! Isn’t that amazing?! I love the concept of snow. It’s like sky play dough, make whatever you like outta it while simultaneously freezing off your extremities. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound amazing!?
Wooh, I missed out some important stuff, hey? Why did I choose Sweden? Well initially they had the units I wanted (which are now no longer an option) and apart from Canada, I always wanted to go a see Europe, or at least somewhere in Europe. Sweden seemed like a nice location (close to other countries), the people are widely believed to be really nice oh and I’m a sucker for like pretty nature and man Sweden looks pretty. Granted most of the pretty is up north I’m sure there is still a lot to go around. And Vikings, they’re cool. So there’s a whole bunch of awesome history there and from the sounds of it Sweden has a metric shitton of museums, so that shit is COVERED! Oh and also I had a look at the cost of living in Sweden on the net and it’s much lower then here on most things. So for a lot of pluses and reasons I decided on Sweden as my number one preference in universities to exchange to. Oh and the English thing, apparently most young people over there speak English and, well, I’m pretty shit at learning things (something that will probably become apparently later on in this blog) I am going to try and learn Swedish when I’m over there though. I have a unit in it and everything. But being able to speak English is going to be a lifesaver, no doubt my Swedish will sound like putting rusted tin in a food blender on high and people will ask me to stop brutally killing their language.

There’s been a few hurdles so far, I didn’t know if I was going to get a visa for a good while and I’m still not sure whether I’ll have accommodation when I get there. A long long story, but basically people aren’t answering my emails (pet peeve) and worse case scenario I might need to pick up accommodation somewhere else for the first week that I’m there. It’ll sort out though.
I’m only ice cold about it because after like a dozen emails and no reply I know that ain’t happening and Sophie has assured me that we’ll fix everything when I get there. Sophie is my Swedish buddy! From the buddy program! Hopefully she’ll tell me if I’m about to eat poison or if I’m accidentally doing the rival gang sign in a neighbourhood you know, that sort of thing. It’s already good to know that I’m not going to be entirely alone when I get there.
I maybe have a buddy family too…they’re supposed to hang out with me and pretend I’m not an outcast and teach me things about being Swedish.
What else?
Oh my accommodation is a shared apartment with another dude that I know absolutely nothing about. Phew talk about outta your comfort zone. Hopefully he doesn’t prance around in his underwear, cause I know I’m gonna need to curb that for a while.

So my flights are booked. I have a stopover in Dubai before reaching Copenhagen and then training into Sweden. It’s gonna be CRAYZEEE!!

Some things that may or may not happen when I am over there include:

  1. IKEA – A trip to IKEA because if that shit ain’t Sweden nothing is!
  2. Welcome Party – There’s some sort of welcome party apparently. I don’t know much about it. Gonna bring my suit just in case.
  3. Moosepark – Yeah, that’s right a park full of moose. It’s gonna be magical.
  4. Trip to Gotland – Apparently Sweden’s largest island, looks hella middle ages and was were the Pippi Longstocking movies were filmed (Note: I should probably watch those). The thing says we get to stay in cabins which sounds pretty cool to me.
  5. Sea Battle  – I dunno why this is called a sea battle but this event is supposed to be a whole bunch of international students on a boat for a 3 day trip from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia. Sounds sweet, right?
  6. Stockholm – Gotta go to Stockholm, right? Here’s where I buy all the trolls I expect almost everyone will recieve (depending on funds :))
  7. Bear Park – There’s a bear park in Orsa. It’s far away but I wanna see bears! Plus they have polar bears. Nawwwww.
  8. Storsjöodjuret – This is like Sweden’s Loch Ness, so I really wanna go to the lake were it is at and not see it. I love this sorta thing! But it’s even further then the bear park. We’ll see.
  9. Norway – Closer then Lake Storsjön, where Storsjöodjuret is at. I wanna try and go to Norway, I wanna see some different countries and a friend of mine lives there. I hope to get the guided tour 🙂
  10. Oktoberfest – I have a mate in Germany and it would be fucking great to catch up with him and drink a million beers and experience a proper German Oktoberfest. I really hope this happens.

Time will tell which….things…I will do. Shhhh! It’s late!

Follow me on Twitter @ Electricaxe for crazy news as it happens.
And y’all better add me on Skype (Debari1) and talk to me alla the time cause I’m gonna miss all my spectacular buddies.
And of course I’ll be updating this blog more with photos and stories of things too.

The next post will be in Sweden :0


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