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Sydney, Sydney itsa hellava town the schoolyards up and the shopping mall’s down.

Posted by electricaxe on August 3, 2009

I thought it was about time I blogged again especially because I’ve been out of my usual state for the last month. I feeling a little ‘bleg’ though so um stay with me, or don’t, I don’t really care. But this is going to be really long so just know that I suppose.

So I better start from the top. At the end of June I totally quit my job which was pretty exhilarating, the job was overall okay but I had really had enough of being there. Lots of people including my parents and my boss didn’t support my decision to leave there with not having another job to go to because that would leave me draining the savings I had put aside. Only a few people really knew were I was at, at that point in time and their continued support basically means the world to me, so thanks I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help.

With that chapter of my life closed, it was time to move on. By which I mean take a well needed and extended holiday across the country. So that’s what I did. The day after I had hung up my business tie (I believe the date was the 27th of June by memory) I headed from Perth to Sydney to basically do the whole tourist thing and most importantly to see Jessie and Tim who had been over there for like 2 months at the time. My flight ended up being delayed for a bit but due to some gusty winds I got into Sydney at the time I was supposed to. Sydney Airport is huge and it pretty much blew me away when I got there. Others may not agree with me but it sort of seems like it’s a shopping mall with an airport attached to it for kicks. I called Tim or he called me and I told him that I had arrived safely. He wanted me to get to the front of the airport once I had my luggage and Jess would drive by and pick me up, but I had no idea were I really was and was still a little dumbstruck by it all. So we decided that it would probably be best if they would come inside to meet me. At this point it’s traditional for one to gather their luggage, so I stood by the whirly machine that spits of luggage and intensely studied each item that whizzed past. In my deeply concentrative state I fail a listen check to hear Jess running up from behind me. She grabbed me in a bear hug, which would give her an attack of opportunity I guess; anyway I’m pretty paralyzed by this stage, so yeah. Alright, I’ll stop with the DnD references. 🙂 Heh but it was really really excellent to see Jess and Tim again.

Oh man, the next part is great you see because Jess drove me from the airport to the suburb were I was staying. I’ve been in the car when she was driving before but this time it wasn’t illegal or at the back of Tim’s parents property. She’s a really good driver. I’m thinking maybe I should just give her MY license that seems fairer. Although in reality I guess she would probably get into more trouble trying to get people to believe she is me. This whole plan won’t work. /abandon.
As we drove though the city of Sydney I remember making a comment about how blue it was. I guess the people of Sydney love the colour blue because most of the signs and lights on the various buildings were all blue. Now it takes about 4-6 tunnels to get from the airport to the suburb of Thornleigh were I was staying. As we passed one of the tunnels Jess told me a story about how she once walked the entire length of it. I was pretty impressed, it was a damn long tunnel I could only a liken it to the length of the Great Wall of China. At least that’s how I remember it. We passed though another tunnel cut though a hill the sides all sheer rock, this is Tim’s favorite tunnel. This I would gladly learn many times throughout my trip, but needless to say it is a really nice tunnel. Sitting up the front of the car I remember eagerly trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible despite it being dark outside. I really like Sydney, it’s very pretty. Unlike Perth there are rolling hills and trees everywhere. I stopped what I was doing several times on my trip just to gaze out over the landscape, lines and lines of trees dripping and rising again towards the horizon. It’s very picturesque and this was just in the suburbs.
But I digress. So Jess took me to Woolworths and I got some things that I thought I might need, not impressed? This is basically in the middle of the night and the shops are still open! Jealous much. 🙂

Now after 834 words or there about I finally get to my hotel room (well I check in first and then I go to my hotel room) Pictures below if I can be bother uploading them from my camera at the end of this. It was a pretty small room but fairly cozy. The bathroom came from space and I think we had several discussions relating it to the Tardis from Doctor Who. The double bed was pretty comfortable (you can ask Jess, Tim and John about that one 😉 though Sean refused my invitation). Most of the hotels I had been to previously have had Foxtel but this place just had Free-to-air TV but I spent most of my time not in my room anyway so it wasn’t much of a bother. I dumped all my luggage and Jess wrote me a helpful checklist which I have kept to this day. Next Jess took me to see her mum and the lovable Tommy. Jess’ place was about 5 minutes drive or about 15-20 minutes walk away. Very convenient, and if that’s too far there’s a small suburban shopping centre on the way, where you can gather supplies and buckle down for the night if needs be…and regenerate your spells *cough*.

Jess’ mum is just about the sweetest lady I’ve had the good fortune to meet. Alright hold off the mum jokes while I try to explain. You know how most mums go out of their way to make sure your comfortable and you’ve got a drink or whatever bogus ritual they want to abide by and I’m sure they mean well but it’s most obviously fake. I had the pleasure of meeting with Jess’ mum several times and she sort of makes you feel comfortable without going into all that other ridiculous stuff. I dunno, I guess it’s harder to explain then I thought. I guess she just seems really outgoing, nice and genuine, at least that’s the feeling I got.
Tommy! Tommy is Jess’ cat for those of you that didn’t know and he’s the softest cat ever! I’m the first person to admit that I’m probably more of a dog person then a cat person although the fact that you need to choose one over the other is a little absurd. Stupid society. Anyway I’ve still always been intrigued by cats, how they have their own unique personalities and how they can go off and do their own thing but still know where to come back to for cuddles. I like cats, maybe when I move out I might get one. The one thing I’ve learned is that you need to keep telling your cat that he/she is in fact a cat, otherwise they may forget. I am a fountain of kitty knowledge now!…not really.

Pause to wait for all the pussy jokes to be over.

And we’re off again! However all the next stuff is going to come all over the place (that’s what she said?) ’cause I don’t remember the order of things happening. Also I may get a couple of things wrong, my memory is shoddy at the best if times so forgive me.

Okay picking out the highlights.

We played quite a lot of DnD; I made a paladin and a knight. I mention this because at a couple DnD nights I got the chance to meet with some of Jess’ Sydney friends, Julieanne, James and Emma. Of course Tom was also there, but most of you already know he’s cool. They all seemed really nice. Though later in the night Julieanne and Emma had the tendency to break into song which I don’t mind except that these songs stayed with me for like the next couple of days. So now I’m walking down the street humming ‘heads and shoulders, knees and toes’ or something similar. I can see were Jess got her tolerance from when dealing with these big DnD groups that lose track of were they are every 3 seconds 😛 But yeah, everyone was really inviting and welcoming, which was very nice. I also met on separate occasions Jess’ friend Sarah and Chris who lives in Darwin but managed to turn up to one of our DnD sessions via web cam, you may remember he’s number one hit about cheeseburgers, I forget what it’s called.

Jess drove me down The Comenarra Parkway which is a road that goes up and down much like a rollercoaster with nature reserves on either side. It was lots of fun, especially when everyone in the car is making ‘Wooooahhhh!’ noises. Good times.

Jess would take me on these nightly tours which were just about the best thing about my trip. She would choose a direction or a location and just drive me around showing me all the sites that north west Sydney had to offer. She took me to Hornsby and to the bastard school that denied her entry. YOU BASTARDS! We also went to Bobbin Head (teehee) it was dark and I have only a vague idea about what was actually there but we drove a couple of K’s down a dark and winding road with cliffs and bush on either side, not really knowing how far the road extends or whether we would see our families again but we pushed on. We finally reached the end of the road and there was a small bridge leading out to what I believe was a lighthouse, everything was covered in a very think layer of fog it was pretty creepy looking and also pretty awesome. we turned back towards civilization and on the way we saw a little animal, I can’t remember what exactly it was, but it was pretty cute, just standing by the road eating and we could see it beautifully in Jess’ headlights (no boob jokes please) What a cutie.
One night Jess took me see were she used to live, it was a little flat with a small park just down the road that she would go and play in with her friends. Awww. Then we almost died at a really really giant Shell service station. That place should be quarantined. I’m pretty sure there were some dead bodies lodged in the air vents near the toilets.
Jessie also drove me to Paramatta which as I remember as being sort of like Subiaco only less spread out.

Almost 2000 words, I should probably quit I’ve been typing this for hours. Next time Luna Park, Canberra and whatever else I can remember. What a great holiday. Thanks so much Jess and Tim, I had a great time. Miss you guys already.


4 Responses to “Sydney, Sydney itsa hellava town the schoolyards up and the shopping mall’s down.”

  1. Jess said

    You’ll never continue! Everyone always says they will, and they never do! I’ll be watching…

    Anyhoo, yep. My cat. My Mum. My school. Etc. These things and more.

    Also, FYI, or rather, everyone’s I, my cat totally has that effect on people. Dog people, specifically. I’ve had about 4 or 5 separate occasions of dog people saying to me, “I’m usually a dog-person, but goddamn I love your cat.” He’s a good cat. He’s sleeping next to me right now! AWWWWWW.

    Anyhoo, good times. Great classic tits.

  2. Jess said

    Worst comment EVER?

  3. Tim said

    Man! All these things totally did happen! In the manner you describe them!

    I think we can all agree my favourite tunnel is the best tunnel. And there are a lot of tunnels.

    Good writeup! I anticipate the next one and will be going over it with a fine-tooth comb for inaccuracies!

  4. Tim said

    Also, going through these “Related Posts” that apparently auto-generates, there is one which also mentions Jess’s name about 8,264 times. Intriguing! Thanks!

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