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Don’t cry, Sarah!

Posted by electricaxe on February 2, 2009

Also I sort of wanted to always try one of these, they look pretty fun. Also work is boring 🙂 Here’s Sarah’s. Here’s mine:

1. The age I’ll be on my next birthday.

Stupid 24! Suck on a cock, Kiefer!

2. Your favorite colour.

3. Your middle name.

Wow! That’s really cool looking.

4. The place you lost your virginity (or would like to lose your virginity if you haven’t…)

What can I say I’m a traditionalist.

5. A bad habit of yours

Um…okay. I was going to go for rocking. Then I realized that’s not a bad thing! So I went for being bored…note: not being shitty as the comic may seem. Although maybe some people may agree with that. 🙂

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable:

7. Your favorite animal

Nawwwwwwww. Such a cutie.

8. The town you live in

To be different I chose to do my suburb name instead of the city I live near, cause it’ll be the same picture as Sarah you see. Depressing that this first picture comes up and is about a guy getting charged for murder. My suburb’s not that bad! At least the part I live in anyway.

9. The name of a pet

I’ll take that as the name of the pet I used to have.

That seems stupid…:S

10. Your best friend’s nickname

Um…I don’t care about your ball dress lady! but I guess that’s what you get on the Internet. Sorry Jessie! I do sort of wanna find out who that is a sketch of behind her. Any guesses, guys?

11. Your last name

Ruins! Awesome! I always knew I was cool. Pick up two cards, bitches!

Well that WAS fun.


4 Responses to “Don’t cry, Sarah!”

  1. sarah said

    told ya 😛

  2. Jess said

    Jesus Christ it took me like twenty minutes to figure out why you were apologising to me. I am SUCH an idiot. In other news I am TOTALLY DOING THIS WHEN I GET HOME FROM BUBBLE TEA BECAUSE IT IS POSSIBLY THE MOST AWESOME MEME EVER.

  3. Mike said

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  4. The presumed sketch behind the adorned lass is of Bob Dylan.

    I’m certain you still care about this.

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