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Perth Supernova 2008

Posted by electricaxe on August 3, 2008

Okay, blogging,I do it…. occasionally. 🙂
Alright I had a few ideas about blogging recently all of which I have forgotten, why? One word…Supernova, followed by two more words…Jewel Staite.
Yep that’s right suck it everyone who never met her because she is sooo awesome. Okay I’m getting ahead of myself, I should start from the beginning.

We bought tickets about a month before the expo so everything was relatively planned. Friday night John and I went to see the preview night not much going on there but we did manage to catch the new Stargate movie, Continuum. It was alright…

Bam! Saturday. I arrived there just after the gates opened at 10am. The line was HUGE lucky having been the night before I had the wristband already so I walked past everyone and went straight on in. Had a bit of a look around, sussed everything out. Then headed straight to the autographing area. There was about 3 people in line waiting for autographs but no one was out yet. So I went through the store and bought a photo of Jewel to be signed and lined up. That’s when it started I could barely breathe the anticipation was just too great. My heart beat raced, I could feel it bulging out of my chest. ‘Calm down, calm down’ I had to repeat to myself ‘nothing’s even happening yet’. luckly there was a few guys in line which I ended up talking too, it helped a little.

I could feel my grip getting tighter on the photo as I held it, that’s when out of nowhere she entered; walking behind some tables and to her desk ready to sign. She had Kandyse McClure from Battlestar Galactica along with a few Supanova volunteers in tow.

*sigh* Jewel.

If anything she looked even more stunning in person. My palms went sweaty, I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to breathe to stay alive. alright….deep breaths… It wasnt much longer before the poeple in front of me had been through. ok, another deep breath to gather my composure. I walked over as casually as I could, I went over to her whilst trying to be as calm as possible. I handed her the photo the sign. the conversation went something like this:

“How are you?”
“Good, thanks”
*Pause* – This pause seemed to last ages, meanwhile the yelling in brain is saying ‘think of something god-darm it! THINK!’
“Thanks for coming and saving Perth Supernova”
“No worries”
*Hands the photo back*
“There you go, sweetheart”

It’s about that exact moment that I turned to jelly, I melted, I think I managed to say “thanks” actually I think I said it multiple times like my brain was stuck skipping like an old record player as it tried to assess what just happened.

Alright no worries, back in control now. I walked around the expo some more but kept getting attracted back to the signing booth…I dont know why :).
After that I went and watched a few talks one by Quinton Flynn and Jeff Nimoy the other by Kandyse McClure. The guys were pretty funny doing their character voices and plugging their internet show The Adventures in Anime. While Kandyse seemed really sweet and spoke about her beginnings in acting back in Africa.

After the talks most of the guys finally arrived, so we did another walk around and Mike split off the go get Nichelle Nichols‘ autograph. Just after that (the time is now about 2.00pm) Mike goes off to listen to Nichelle’s talk, after a while we follow. To our surprise Tim and Jess are also there. Without saying a word I walked over, tapped Jess on the shoulder and pulled the signed photo out of from my bag. ‘Jewel’s here!’she exclaimed and they were off. If it had been a cartoon a smoke trail would have followed them. I’m glad someone else knows what I’m on about here. 😀

Sitting there with my signed photo in my lap I couldnt help but get excited in anticipation for Jewel’s talk later in the day. My mind wondered… this day I have no idea what Nichelle was talking about.

After that we had Jewel’s talk (more on that later….perhaps 😀 )
Then we went to Jess and Tim’s house to watch Serenity…all in all a pretty freakin’ great day.

…can’t wait until next year’s

Here’s proof! A video that found on the internet that shows Jewel and I together!

AWW! Ain’t she so cute!
(note: I’m the guy with the screwed up hair when the camera turns…I got no idea what happened there!) For the following parts of this Q&A check out youtube.


3 Responses to “Perth Supernova 2008”

  1. Jess said

    Oh maaaaaan! You’re on the internet!

    Twice! ‘Cause you blogged and stuff.

    Yep! I’m glad somebody blogs! Unlike me! I’m pretty gay with that stuff. Y’know how it is. Not blogging. And stuff.


    Yep! Good show ol’ boy!

  2. Tim said

    Nice writeup!

    Also, you’re on YouTube! Even I’m not on YouTube! Madness!

  3. ponypants said

    aww that was a pretty great blog deebs.
    yeah she was awsome, so beautiful and just yeah.. no words for how awesome that was.

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