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Holidays with MacGvyer.

Posted by electricaxe on October 18, 2007

Sooo, John, Michael and I totally win at holidays! the chick at Flight Centre, as much help as she was with all her constant Brisbane knowledge totally overcharges as by like about $700 on accommodation. So here’s the story, previously I was researching where we were going to stay and cuz I’m so awesome, totally memorised the amounts we were supposed to be charged, so when the total for one place was like $500 more then what I saw on the Internet I was a little suspicious. we then all went back to HQ (ie Michael’s house) and looked up that shit. Of course, I was right! but I wasn’t to sure why it was so much more there were some theories flying around like, she maybe booking us the wrong apartment or some sort of uber commission. In the end we just waited to see her again. When we got there she was more puzzled then us as, apparently the prices were supposed to be the same as what you would find on the net for competitive reasons. Apparently commission is included in that amount or something, i dunno i wasn’t really paying attention at the time. So yeah, got all that money knocked off the initial bill. so I’m totally stoked!!!

So with the Jan LAN coming up, our holiday and the Maiden concert, January is going be one fucken awesome month, chockful of awes-tastic awesomeness….to the max!

On another note, we all bought seasons of MacGyver at like Kmart. if there was some sortof holiday in MacGyver’s honour I still don’t think there would be as much MacGyver-based action. i also got two more seasons of NCIS, so that rocks. Also John and Michael totally BOTH bought seasons 1,2 and 3 of MacGyver, as far as I remember happy days ensued!

MacGyver For President!



2 Responses to “Holidays with MacGvyer.”

  1. sarah said

    oh man nice work debari! You are the shit! THE SHIT!!
    lol also i want that macgyver pic, and sooo i stole it and im now using it on my desktop at work!
    Whered you get it?

    I just finished watching the whole firefly series on sunday, so when u chumps watch Serenity, I WANT IN!

  2. Debari said

    Yep, im pretty great, its true. 🙂
    Feel free to steal, i mean i stole it too. Click the picture its a link. 😉

    Fuk yeh, isn’t it great? i’m watching it again with Mike and John tho its taking forever, cuz we pause alot. Out of the 2 viewings we have had, we have watched a mind blowing total of three episodes! such a great show tho, oh man now i wanna watch Serenity!
    so yeah, ill totally hit u up! but like it might be a little while 🙂


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