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Rock on!

Posted by electricaxe on September 12, 2007

As promised another blog update, this one a doozy. Check this out:

All i can say is finally some nerds with enough time on there hands to make a Guitar Hero Bot, we’ve all thought of it….well I know at least I have. Even if it misses every second note on EASY, I’m sure things will only look up…i mean they cant get much worse, can they?
In any case, i give then congratulations and anxiously await further installments of the GuitarHeroNoid.

Accompanying this post is a all new look website dedicated to the hit Guitar Hero franchise, god only knows how many hours I’ve put into that game. But hey, it might not all be for nothing…according to this comic:

Im a musician!

Hilarious stuff…
This also tends to happen:

I know about music
…and on a unrelated note, the new Iron Man trailer came out yesterday. Take a look.

That’s all for now.



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