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Drought over!

Posted by electricaxe on September 11, 2007

OK, so now I know it’s been a while but well…..I’m lazy. But its okay i have the cure. One that I’m stealing but its a cure nether-the-less.

The idea now is to only have short blog posts, instead of trying to recount my life story from the last post and forgetting major world shattering events that occur within them. So here we are the first on hopefully many frequent blog posts:

I was searching the Net recently as one does, and I came across this blog of someones, here’s a snippet.

Now I don’t claim to be the best at the whole “costume thing”, but I would say that I at least try to make it right as best as I can.

For those of you playing at home this is the picture I’m referring to:

Fake Wolverine

and here’s me:

Wolverine Me

I don’t know if this is just me, but I think that I look a billion times better then this guy, and that’s fair enough, i am awesome at most things. but the fact that this post I’m linking to refers to this guy as quote “…the best Wolverine costume ever.” left me a little stumped. I mean ever without seeing my great picture that may well have Hugh Jackman wondering if hes job of the Wolverine set is in peril, i still think that this picture isn’t that great. Of course it’s not at all bad, it’s just not great either.

Well, this is longer then I initially anticipated. Still….

Comments are of course not only welcome, but encouraged. 😛 I’m interested to see what other peoples take on this is.



6 Responses to “Drought over!”

  1. Tim said

    Oh man, Debari, you totally own that guy. I mean his costume is pretty good and he’s got a good face/sideburns but dude, you got the whole package. And this one time I saw you totally heal a missing leg with your healing factor. Stick it to the man, son.

  2. Jess said

    Oh man. No question. You are the best damn Wolverine I evah saw’d. Seriously, they should like re-make the films, only with you in it instead of what’s-his-face. Y’know. The hot one. Oh, yeah. Patrick Stewart. Mreeoww. Xavier you can… wheel.. my… chair. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING.

    I think you do.

  3. Debari said

    I so know what you mean Jess, i pretty sure thats why they had to “kill him” and get his conscienceness transfered into that new body. I mean the theres only so much panties one can throw at a movie screen, it had to stop somewhere.

    Stay tuned another blog update tonight sometime, if all goes to plan

  4. sah said

    Oh man finally a blogdate! CRIVENS!
    anyways YES ur costume kicks the shit out of this noobs! since when did Wolverine wear a crocodile dundee hat anyways!??!?!!?

  5. John said

    I must say nice costume any chance you would be able to mention how you made the claws? any help would be great as i would like to try to make them but don’t even know where to start thanks.

  6. J.Arauz said

    mmmm read about the caracter, ok you look like a highschool wolverine, its not bad at all, like a wolverine for another dimention, nice jacket btw, the guy of the hat looks like the comic book caracter short, smelly, ugly as a sin wolverine i like it too.

    just put wolverine in internet and u will find this pic of wolverine he use sometimes a cocodrilo dundee hat !!! its more like a cowboy hat but whatever..

    and for john and the claws… this is the way to do it

    i make my costume too, im ugly, shoort and with the bad actitude :S

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