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Posted by electricaxe on May 9, 2007

UPDATE! – well, sort of.

i spent what time i had yesterday and today trying to organise a web poll for this blog, but apparently wont let me, as long as I’m using the net version and not downloading their product. I am currently trying to find a way around this.

I am also looking into a custom header and seeing if uploading content is worth doing, so keep your eyes peeled.

WARNING: SPIDERMAN 3 SPOILERS BELOW, and a review, i guess

So, i went and finally saw Spiderman 3 last night after being rejected every time I went because of sold out tickets (sure, that was only twice, but its still not cool). My rating is 3.5/5. I would say 3 and a half stars and 2 spokes, but that’s just ridiculous (yeah, I’m talking you Micheal, you and you crazy illogical rating system!). In general it was pretty good, and i love Marvel so that’s a bonus, but it was just all over the place. I mean I think 3 villains for a movie is a little over the top, if your going to do that it should be a non-stop action fest, which Spidey 3 surely wasn’t. For the fights that did actually happen, they were really well done. Look at Harry, slamming his face into a pole on the opening fight. Classic!

Sandman was pretty cool, as his powers grew through out the movie and Harry (aka New Goblin, LOL) was also quite awesome, but Venom by far took the cake and then some. It must have taken at least an hour and a half to actually introduce him, but it was well worth the wait. Peter Parker is again a wining jerk in this movie and that’s WITHOUT the new emotion-exaggerator 2000 aka “the black suit” courtesy of Venom. I mean, who leaves the love of their life (and a smoking hot babe, at that) skips around town and then reenacts the first kiss with that love on a freken blonde model? Are you suicidal, man? not only did he cross the line, he vaulted over it, then kept running until it was no longer in view and started jumped up and down screaming “HEY, OVER HERE, LOOK AT ME! I’M THE WORLD’S BIGGEST JERK!”

Yes, i realise that makes little sence, but thats how stupid I think he is, blabbering idiot kind of stupid.

Anyways….i think I’m going to quit while I’m ahead or at least even.

Oh, but before i go, i just want to say how much I hate whatever projectionist was supposed to be working in the cinema i was in. Because i missed the opening scenes to the new Fantastic Four trailer. OK, picture this, I’m at the cinemas to watch Spider 3, 40% of the reason i went to see that film was for the FF trailer. So, i take a set right in the middle of the scree for maximum FF goodness and then… starts to play and the voices in my head are just like “oh my god,oh my god, oh my god” repeating it over and over.

Yep, that’s what i heard, nothing. The bastard forget to turn the sound on somehow. Who works as a projectionist and can’t actually work a projector, for god sakes? I didn’t think anyone did, but now i know better. Mind you after what seemed like forever the sound came back and I got to watch the last bit, but still…GRRRRRRR! If you, by some twist of fate, are reading this right now Mr. Projectionist….I HATE YOU, AND I HOPE YOUR PROJECTOR EXPLODES!! (note: G-rated for the kiddies, i could think of some other names i would call him, look out for the R-rated version in stores soon).

OK, now i’m going….. See Ya soon, Meatwads!


3 Responses to “Blogtastic!”

  1. Tim said



  2. nick debari said

    just wanted you to know i found this by a fluick but now your now the only debari that reads your stuff.

  3. Debari said

    Not true….i read my own stuff too 😛

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