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Genesis 1:1

Posted by electricaxe on May 7, 2007

OK, so my first “Offical” blog, cause lets get serious that MSN thing was pretty crap. Anyhow, a few things happened to my on the weekend, but I really want to talk about this one thing:

So, picture this… its Saturday, as is my custom lately i was playing WOW (side-note: my now level 40 Warlock kicks major arse, soon i will harness the power of PVP). There I am fighting trolls in Stragthorn Vale, my mum comes up to me and says “There’s only footy on and i’m bored, do you have any movies i can watch on DVD?”. “Sure!, they are right over there” i said as i gestured towards my bookshelf of DVDs. I got up to help her pick one she may like, “Fight Club, that’s a great movie” i proclaimed with excitement. apparently she haden’t seen it and my dad couldn’t remember it, so we popped it in the DVD player.

Cool…. now i can go back to WOW.


About 20 minutes later my mum came in the room again, saying that the movie made no sense. “You need to listen to the storyline, it all comes back at the end, just watch” i said. Nope, they had enough. Back to the DVDs we go. “OH MY GOD, WATCH SIN CITY!” i yelled. At that same moment remembering the sweet “pole action” of Jessica Alba in the movie and getting overexcited.

“Looks interesting” my mum says as she browses the back cover of the DVD case. So, again we put the DVD in. I stayed until the scene when you first see Jessica (aka Nancy) at the bar. Sigh…. that’s all I needed. I then went off to play WOW again…


An hour or so passed, i decided to go in a check on them. The part where the yellow guy is tailing Nancy and Hartigan and spins off the road. “Oh man, this is such a great movie!” i said as Hartigan and Nancy are searching for the yellow mans body. “Its WAY! to gruesome!” my dad exclaims, my mum nods in agreement. “Pfft”. OK, ill just ignore that maybe they haven’t got to the stage of reviewing the movie in your head where you decide how good the movie is, in any case, i should at least let them finish.

So, i was going out. So i needed to get ready. I went to get changed, had a shower etc.

I came out of my room ready to leave the house, when i hear, “STOP! the movie!”. My dad was shouting. “I don’t know how anyone can watch this stuff, it’s way to violent.”

Breathe……Take a big breath……

“You haven’t even watched it all!” I protested.


“I’ve had enough!”

That’s it, the movie was switched out just as Hartigan mutters the best line in the movie “…Yeah, and maybe after that i’ll go punch out God” Classic!

So, this is where i am, my question, How can someone NOT like Sin City? Its a goddamn masterpiece!


Sigh….i really don’t understand how come people just stop being all “bleh” and be legendary instead, like me, my mates and old Swarles.

Some other stuff happend also, i almost ran my car into some plastic pillars, i was oh-so-close to punching this one guy in the face, and had a killer night with my mates at the local Pool Hall. All and all a pretty interesting weekend.

Stay Tuned as I further invest my powers of awesome into this site to make it a more magical place then Disneyland.

Out. Suckers!


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