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Photos so far from a few trips while in Sweden.

Posted by electricaxe on December 1, 2011

These are from Facebook

Kalmar Trip – September 12, 2011

Moose Park and Glassworks – September 16, 2011

Cologne/Munich – 30 September/3 October, 2011

Gotland – 7/9 October, 2011


More photos to be added as soon as I finish some assignments 🙂

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Virtual Watertower excursion/tour magnifique.

Posted by electricaxe on August 24, 2011

Next Vlog, it’s over 20 mins long, so watch bits or whatever if you don’t want to watch the full thing and without further ado.

Apparently YouTube decided it would make it crap Quality. Sorry about that.

If people try to criticise this, just tell them it’s a cinema veritie style documentary and they dont understand art. *shrug*

For all you people that have been longing to see my neck again or wanted to get closer to my face without making it personal, there’s something for you in here too.


Comment below.

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Monday the 15th of August.

Posted by electricaxe on August 15, 2011


So thanks to Jo, Trent, Kat and Sarah who all commented on my last post. Much love. Also special thanks to the boys (John, Mike and Felix) who graced me with their video presence in the last couple days, it’s excellent to hear from you all.

Today it’s raining, granted not very well…its mainly a light drizzle. But it still would make the walk to the shops perilous in terms of the possibility of getting both myself and any shopping I do wet. Today, therefore is going to be an inside day unless the rain stops, which doesn’t look likely. Thus another episode of bloggginggg.

It's all hazy and rainy today.

I’ve spent the weekend basically doing nothing and just relaxing in my apartment. Watched a lot of youtube and also Bad Boys and Serenity. So that’s been good. Not too much to report. Everything around campus is closed until the official start of the semester so it’s a bit dead around here, but I’m sure it’ll pick up soon.

BUT the other day I did go into Växjö, which is almost exactly a 2 hour return journey plus whatever time you spend there of course. As promised (at least I think I promised) here are some photos of that journey. This time I went right though the middle of campus so there are some shots of the uni as well.

Also to all the people who wanted to see inside the castle….a bit of an update. I learned that it’s basically a place for holding functions and events now. There are some tours of sorts but it seems to be quite random when they are actually on. However, there is a glimmer of hope. I read somewhere or someone told me that the welcome dinner they have for all the international students might be there. Not 100% on that. But if it is I’ll be sure to take me camera. Don’t worry, I’ll update you more as I find out things.

EDIT: So while those photos took like 2 hours to upload the rain let up, so I went shopping. The supermarket is just out of the campus and down the road, almost to the lake into town but not quite. Anyway, I did some shopping not a lot cause I wanna get my back account sorted first, so I’m living off the money I brought with me. Besides the point, besides the point…I went shopping, bought some things (as you do) and I thought of a new thing I might try out on this blog. We’ll see if you guys like it.

SOOOOO here’s some crazy things I bought and I’ll eventually eat them and review them and tell you what they are like and you guys can, I dunno discuss them in the comments or tell me to stop shovelling junk in my mouth (I wont listen but you can say it :)). Since this is the first one it’s gonna work a little differently, I’ve got a couple items, not very weird but weird to me (the weird things will come I promise, just the lack of viable funds at the moment).


Here we go.

I’m not usually one for frozen dinners but the photo on this packaging looked great…and it’s called ‘Black & White’, that caters to my knowing of English. The ‘Ballerina’ thing I guess is pretty self explanatory. That brown stuff in the lower left corner is called ‘Choc Dessert’, a simple but effective name but it looks a bit shoddy so we’ll see about that. The last in the photo is ‘Tuc’, I put that in there as a first off thing cause I’ve tried it and I’ll let you know how it was. Huzzah!

Well. Tuc. So the package mechanics are great….as you can see from the little picture on the wrapping it lifts up from the sides and like stickys back down. It’s genius. The cracker design is quite nice, a rectangle with the corners cut off and the size is well suited for the one-bite technique (multiple bites not needed). The taste is quite nice, it’s sortof cheesey without being overpowering and for a hard cracker the texture is quite soft. Overall I give it a 4/5, quite yummy.

So there we go. Discuss, bond, relate, comment and I will see you for the next installment of my blog.


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blogginlägg nummer två

Posted by electricaxe on August 12, 2011

I’ve been here a few days now and I’ve taken a few photos and a video for your and my enjoyment. I haven’t got any photos of the town yet but I will hopefully yet some today. That and try out whatever the hell “Max” is. I heard from someone that it’s like Maccas but better. A huge claim I know. The local cinema has also been pointed out to me so I might go have a look at that too. Just a warning before I post some photos, I like nature. So there’s a lot of that 🙂 Enjoy!

This was a collection of photos from a journey which started at my apartment building and went right around the uni eventually ending in a castle and a lake and then back down the other side of the university.


Hope you enjoyed that.

…and here is a little vlog showing you around my apartment and stuff. I hope you enjoy. Please comment, like John…whatta great guy! Also if you haven’t hit me up on Skype yet, do it! Even Jo did it! Hi Jo! Perhaps you might also get a personal mention in my blog, eh? Can you give up that kind of prize?

I didn’t mean to do the Community Channel/Natalie Tran ‘Hi’ but it just sorta happened. I’m not doing it again!

Peace out ladies.

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Travelling to Sweden.

Posted by electricaxe on August 11, 2011

Hi all,

So here it is, my first blog post from Sweden! Exciting, right?

Well, I better start from the beginning then. On Monday I went to the Perth airport for my first of two flights. My wonderful and beautiful friends and family saw me off. Felix bought me one last beer, Michael was wrong about 24 and there were hugs all around.

At about 10 past 9 or so I left them behind and went through that large doorway into the unknown. In the unknown, was a desk with customs cards to fill and a giant roped queue area that was completely abandoned. I gave the card and my passport to the guy at the counter. I was so nervous that when he gave my passport back to me it took me like 30 seconds to put it in it’s dumb sleeve. I was shaking so much.

Finishing up with that I moved to the next area. Here I put my laptop on a tray and sent my things though the x-ray-a-majig. I almost left my camera behind but someone called me back for it *phew*. As I was trying to leave this area there was a frail looking guy trying to make his way out in front on me. Being the gentleman I am I waited behind him as he made his way. Apparently this must have looked suspicious or something cause after a few seconds this burly Indian guy calls me over and frisks me. Yep well I dunno.

Needless to say, I rushed outta there as fast as I could.

The final of the trials was simply waiting at the gate. I managed to park myself quite close so I just waited, something that I would be doing a lot of in the coming hours. Everything was pretty standard here, ‘cept one thing….did you know that they use a dot matrix printer there? I was like ‘WOOOOAHHH’. I haven’t heard that sound in a while.

The flight to Dubai was quite nice. Not many people were on that flight and I was able to get a nice row of seats to lay on and Emirates don’t even charge you for there entertainment system. Or for food! I had like infinity meals. TWO breakfastses (one on each flight)…I don’t even normally have one!

I watched a bit of TV and the movies Paul and Unknown. Both were alright. The alien in Paul though looked amazing.

So yeah, got to Dubai and maaaaannn is that place big. From what I could tell that gates were numbered for about 110-280 or so. So every gate has a massive number. Here’s a few photos:

So once I found my gate I pretty much stayed put. After a while I kept nodding off, so I exchanged some aussie money I had with me to Dirums?? and bought a coffee and one of the places. It was pretty horrible coffee but it did the job. When I got back to the gate my seat was taken so I sat on the floor and waited.

Once the gate opened everyone flowed though the doors and into another room for more waiting. Then we went on the plane bound for Copenhagen.

This plane was obviously older then the first one I went on. I think the entertainment system was broke so we just had to channel surf (as opposed to the other flight that had like an archive of stuff that you could choose and start watching at any time). That along with the fact that I had already been on an eleven hour flight and waited another 2 hours for that plane made the second flight less bearable.

Towards the end of the flight we flew over Malmo, on the tip of Sweden and theres all these little cottages and farms all dotted around. It was real pretty, even from that high up. This was my first look at Sweden. We sorta circled the bridge that leads from Denmark into Sweden and then descended into Copenhagen.

Here I got into trouble with security for taking a photo, which he made me delete. Eh! I just wanted to show you guys how small it was. I mean….like I’m never gonna make fun of the airport in Perth again THAT’S for sure. Is liddle like babby.

Then they stamped my passport. YAY! Page number 1, stamped! It went a bit down hill from there. I found the machine that I needed to used to get my train ticket, which I had booked in advance and that was fine. But trying to find the platform I needed to be on was excruciating! After waiting another hour-hour and a half and speaking to a random guy and a train conductor I got on the right train 🙂

We went over the bridge that I had previously seen from the air and out in the ocean they have this wonderful windmill farm. I like windmills, they are relaxing as hell.

This train trip was a few hours long and by this time I was pretty tired. Here’s a video of some of the scenery:

At the beginning of the train ride a conductor came by and told me I needed to be in the other carriage because the train splits after a while (psssh I dunno) so I moved…accidentally hitting some people with my luggage on the way. Later we reached another station (as trains often do) and everyone just left. Completely evacuated the train. I gotta say I was weirded out. Anyway, then another conductor told me that I should be in the carriage I previously came from. I tell you what they know how to confuse a foreigner quite well. Oh also I had two tickets so I assumed I had to change trains at some point. NUP! It was the same train! What’s all that about?

Anyway, after that ordeal I got into Växjö (which is apparently pronounced like Vaquwee or something) and Sophie picked e up. All the streets there are all cobblestone and awesome. She took me for a quick drive around town and then around campus and of course went and saw my apartment. She cooked me food too, it was like a sorta prawn starry…quite nice, and one of her friends came by. Everyone I have met here is super nice. I just waiting for my housemate to come and be a jerk cause knowing my luck…haha.

Anyway I’m gonna finish up here, cause I’m hungry. But there will be another blog post soon. Maybe even later tonight, with a video showing you my apartment. So stay tuned, readers.

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Posted by electricaxe on July 31, 2011

Wooh this stats page says 11 people visited this blog on the 7th of July. Man, they must’ve been way disappointed since I haven’t posted since January. What good times. While I’m talking briefly about stats, most of my hits are coming from this website apparently, so a thank you to them (they’re way better then those guys who thought my costume was shit, I’d like to see them try, the little S.O.Bs).

So, the main attraction…..

I am going on exchange to Sweden in oh about 8 days now. So this blogpost is gonna be about the start of what will probably be an onslaught to posts about things while I am in Sweden and this is where it all starts.

So how did this happen? Well obviously you hear around the place that going on exchange to a different country is like one of THE things you should do as a student. You’ll regret not doing it, it’ll be the most rewarding experience of your education blah blah blah. So during my first year I went to the exchange fair at uni, it sucked multiple balls and was literally some tables set up in front of the library with some pamphlets and a person at each. Most of the countries were not represented and only the big unis had big colourful materials of “students” chilling and doing a whole bunch of non-studenty things. I picked up a bunch of reading material. One, I remember was The University of Waterloo in Canada. I have such a boner for Canada (one day…). But while I was there I learnt that you had to have a certain grade average and be in at least your second year. So that went out the window pretty quickly.

So I did my thang for the next year and in early February something made me check in with the peeps at uni about exchange stuff and as it turned out the deadline for the second semester was about a week away. I took the list approved universities home and researched all the units and universities and what they had to offer.
After several days of intense researching I had a short list of universities, which changed constantly. For a time Finland was my number one choice until it was bumped to 3 because their Nordic culture and mythology units weren’t available to exchange students.
So with the deadline approaching rapidly, I had to make a decision….do I want to do this? And after much deliberation, I decided to go for it. I think it’s not very often that I put myself out of my comfort zone so committing to this was a pretty massive decision. Especially seen as I live at home with my parents and have never left the country before.

I had a whole bunch of trouble when applying to the host university with courses being cancelled and changed and them telling me that I wasn’t qualified to do their dumb database course even though I do that shit in my sleep.
So eventually they accepted me and my courses and sent me a welcome pack in the mail in a nice little yellow folder. The booklet for the university consists of a bunch of writing and many photos of people playing in snow. SNOW! I’m gonna go see snow! Isn’t that amazing?! I love the concept of snow. It’s like sky play dough, make whatever you like outta it while simultaneously freezing off your extremities. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound amazing!?
Wooh, I missed out some important stuff, hey? Why did I choose Sweden? Well initially they had the units I wanted (which are now no longer an option) and apart from Canada, I always wanted to go a see Europe, or at least somewhere in Europe. Sweden seemed like a nice location (close to other countries), the people are widely believed to be really nice oh and I’m a sucker for like pretty nature and man Sweden looks pretty. Granted most of the pretty is up north I’m sure there is still a lot to go around. And Vikings, they’re cool. So there’s a whole bunch of awesome history there and from the sounds of it Sweden has a metric shitton of museums, so that shit is COVERED! Oh and also I had a look at the cost of living in Sweden on the net and it’s much lower then here on most things. So for a lot of pluses and reasons I decided on Sweden as my number one preference in universities to exchange to. Oh and the English thing, apparently most young people over there speak English and, well, I’m pretty shit at learning things (something that will probably become apparently later on in this blog) I am going to try and learn Swedish when I’m over there though. I have a unit in it and everything. But being able to speak English is going to be a lifesaver, no doubt my Swedish will sound like putting rusted tin in a food blender on high and people will ask me to stop brutally killing their language.

There’s been a few hurdles so far, I didn’t know if I was going to get a visa for a good while and I’m still not sure whether I’ll have accommodation when I get there. A long long story, but basically people aren’t answering my emails (pet peeve) and worse case scenario I might need to pick up accommodation somewhere else for the first week that I’m there. It’ll sort out though.
I’m only ice cold about it because after like a dozen emails and no reply I know that ain’t happening and Sophie has assured me that we’ll fix everything when I get there. Sophie is my Swedish buddy! From the buddy program! Hopefully she’ll tell me if I’m about to eat poison or if I’m accidentally doing the rival gang sign in a neighbourhood you know, that sort of thing. It’s already good to know that I’m not going to be entirely alone when I get there.
I maybe have a buddy family too…they’re supposed to hang out with me and pretend I’m not an outcast and teach me things about being Swedish.
What else?
Oh my accommodation is a shared apartment with another dude that I know absolutely nothing about. Phew talk about outta your comfort zone. Hopefully he doesn’t prance around in his underwear, cause I know I’m gonna need to curb that for a while.

So my flights are booked. I have a stopover in Dubai before reaching Copenhagen and then training into Sweden. It’s gonna be CRAYZEEE!!

Some things that may or may not happen when I am over there include:

  1. IKEA – A trip to IKEA because if that shit ain’t Sweden nothing is!
  2. Welcome Party – There’s some sort of welcome party apparently. I don’t know much about it. Gonna bring my suit just in case.
  3. Moosepark – Yeah, that’s right a park full of moose. It’s gonna be magical.
  4. Trip to Gotland – Apparently Sweden’s largest island, looks hella middle ages and was were the Pippi Longstocking movies were filmed (Note: I should probably watch those). The thing says we get to stay in cabins which sounds pretty cool to me.
  5. Sea Battle  – I dunno why this is called a sea battle but this event is supposed to be a whole bunch of international students on a boat for a 3 day trip from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia. Sounds sweet, right?
  6. Stockholm – Gotta go to Stockholm, right? Here’s where I buy all the trolls I expect almost everyone will recieve (depending on funds :))
  7. Bear Park – There’s a bear park in Orsa. It’s far away but I wanna see bears! Plus they have polar bears. Nawwwww.
  8. Storsjöodjuret – This is like Sweden’s Loch Ness, so I really wanna go to the lake were it is at and not see it. I love this sorta thing! But it’s even further then the bear park. We’ll see.
  9. Norway – Closer then Lake Storsjön, where Storsjöodjuret is at. I wanna try and go to Norway, I wanna see some different countries and a friend of mine lives there. I hope to get the guided tour 🙂
  10. Oktoberfest – I have a mate in Germany and it would be fucking great to catch up with him and drink a million beers and experience a proper German Oktoberfest. I really hope this happens.

Time will tell which….things…I will do. Shhhh! It’s late!

Follow me on Twitter @ Electricaxe for crazy news as it happens.
And y’all better add me on Skype (Debari1) and talk to me alla the time cause I’m gonna miss all my spectacular buddies.
And of course I’ll be updating this blog more with photos and stories of things too.

The next post will be in Sweden :0

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STAT Results (A record for when I lose the letter)

Posted by electricaxe on January 19, 2010

I just recently went to complete the STAT which is a test for those who do not have the educational experience to go straight into uni from their results from other insitiutions i.e didn’t do any TEE subjects in high school and only went as far as Certificate III’s in TAFE aka me.

The results arrived in todays mail. Here is an except for the letter detailing my results:


The results you obtained in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) in 2009-2010 are listed below:

STAT Multiple Choice

Quantitative score 161 (a score higher then 71.9% of candidates)

Verbal score 156 (a score higher then 58.5% of candidates)

Overall score 158 (a score higher then 66.4% of candidates)

Written English Score 153 (a score higher then 65.3% of candidates)

STAT scores are reported as a mark between 100 and 200. Scores are comparable across different versions of the test and between years. There are three different scores given for the STAT Multiple Choice. These reflect the measurement of your mathematical/scientific, verbal and overall ability.”

Overall it’s a not too bad result, I think I’m happy with it. 141 is the minimum score for each part to be able to get into uni but is no actual guarantee that you can get into the course. Tomorrow I go to TISC (Tertiary Institutions Service Centre) and actually apply for my course and hopefully get into the second round of offers for the course that I want (fingers crossed).

Wish me luck.

EDIT: As pointed out to me by Mike, this means little to anyone that isn’t me without the conversion from STAT result to TER (Tertiary Enterance Rank). So my TER is 78.5 and the cut-off for my course is 70. So looking good so far. Stay tuned.

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Sydney 2: The Canberraning

Posted by electricaxe on August 11, 2009

I’ve spent the last few days searching my room for bugs, but if Jess is watching then she’s got some pretty specialised equipment, that I can’t even find with all my field training. I even searched the usual places; even under my alarm clock.
Please note this entire paragraph is entirely made up.

Okay so onto part 2 then.

The Canberra trip.  So Jess drove Tim, Tom and I to Canberra which is about 4 hours away from Sydney. So that’s like the equivalent of driving to Albany for those of you who are from Perth and have no sense of distance. Man, I should totally take Jess to Albany, if she wants to go. Anyway, Canberra! The drive there is pretty magical. There are lots of beautiful hills and cliffs. The scenery was pretty amazing. So after several hours of driving and a few masterfully sung renditions of  ‘I’m on a boat’, we got to Lake George (I’ll post a bunch of photos from my holiday all at once later on, Lake George will be among them).  Man, it stretched for miles! There wasn’t any water in the lake, but that was cool because that allowed the little sheep to graze on it. Off in the distance huge wind turbines span, okay I lie… one span the rest were dead still but still it was awe inspiring and humbling. So in front of you, you have this vast open space that seems to stretch for ages, but then behind you rise these giant cliffs the face of which is so rocky one could imagine giants in battle there in the past, rocks smashing down from great heights to form such a fascinating rocky facade. I span around a few times just marveling at such a wonder of nature.  But freaking hell it was cold! I believe we were all rugged up to some degree but man! The wing blowing across the lake wasn’t like the Freo doctor; it was like being blasting in the face by a white dragon. Had we waited around any longer ice would have sealed all car doors shut, froze over the motor and we would slowly have turned into human popsicles in the NSW wilderness. …so, you know, it was cold. Such a wonderful place though.

So we drove on to Canberra, not too long to go now. We were going to stay the night there and therefore get double the time we would have to look around the city. So we stopped at the information desk to gather some brochures and prices for accommodation. We stepped inside, looked around and went to speak to Jess who was waiting in the car. After like I’m going to say about 3 minutes in the car talking about our options we went to go back inside to book our accommodation at the front desk. We stepped in front of the automated doors….nothing, we stepped back and tried again….nothing. After yelling at a woman through the window we found out that apparently this place had taken it upon themselves to close a full half an hour earlier then normal, so now we had to travel to the hotel and make our booking directly. As we drove though we were fairly enticed by one place that offer ‘cuddles’ in a package and were also having a discount on all rooms this particular day. So we drove in to enquire. Turns out we could get one room for all four of us for a fairly cheap price. I checked us in. Jess brought to my attention that now I was in fact checked in at two different hotels simultaneously. That was pretty cool, I thought. We made ourselves at home, dumped all our belongings we didn’t want to take with us and set off for a Canberra-style Indian dinner.

I’m getting distracted from the task at hand…shut up! Blogging…okay.

So dinner, it started off really, really nicely we walked in and was greeted by a beautiful aroma, belly dancers were learning their art a little bit away from the tables and large screen TV showed us various Indian music clips.  We sat down and eventually ordered. Tim had some Mango thing, Tom had some prawns and Jess and I had… you guessed it Butter Chicken. Well we’re nothing if not consistent, right? 🙂 At least we knows whats we likes…well not in this case. Let me explain. The Butter Chicken came out and looked rather redder then we’re used to. Alright not to worry, it’s all in the taste, right? I took a bite. In my head I’m thinking this isn’t what I believe Butter Chicken should taste like, I’d only really eaten at two other places before, but still. It was something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Luckily Jess’ many fine years as a Butter Chicken expert pays off, her palate fine tuned to every spice and flavour. ‘This just tastes like Bolognese sauce” she said and it’s true, as soon as she said it my brain lid flew off. “It’s true!” I remarked. It was EXACTLY the same as Bolognese sauce, like the canned stuff too not the good stuff. Exactly the same, not one spice added not one flavour out of place. It was Bolognese sauce to the T.  We finished up and grudgingly paid for our meals then Jess took us on a tour of Canberra, we passed Parliament House, the same circular roads over and over again (man whoever mapped out the roads for that place should be shot. Okay now your roads are different, they go in circles instead of cornering at 90 degree angles like most roads and every road somehow tries to lead you out of the city, congratulations you’ve cemented your place in society as the world’s biggest ding bat!) Hrmmm maybe the roads are to stop terrorists reaching Parliament House, I guess that plan would work, they would all be yelling to each other to turn left and turn right and they would still be going in complete circles, they the police could come and arrest them. Maybe ding bat was onto something. World’s biggest douche or wildly misunderstood security expert? You decide.

Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah.  We also passed Jess’ Grandparents place. It looked like a really nice house. It looked tidy and sweet looking (I don’t know how a house looks sweet, so don’t ask). Then we moved on to the bottle shop and after much deliberation we bought a few bottles each of booze. Went back to the hotel and basically skulled them as fast as we could. Good times. We played blackjack using packets of sugar as currency with the elusive equal packet that everyone wanted (or maybe it was just me?). Jess pretty much owned the shit outta of us, looking down from her sugar empire with glee. Lucky we weren’t playing strip blackjack. Wait, wait. I could have possibly just thought of the best game ever….ready…strip rock, paper, scissors. It’s genius! Now I just need to find someone to ‘play’ with me…any takers? 😛 I got your rock right here, baby….no? Okay. So we all got a little tipsy (obviously except Tim, but I believe he laughs manically about our tomfoolery behind our back so everyone has fun 🙂 ) We then went to bed ’cause we had an early start the next day. Notice there I said bed and not sleep because I think after many hours of tossing and turning if was like 4am by the time I actually went to sleep, Jess didn’t have much luck either opting to spend most the night on her DS.

So the next day we got up and had a giant buffet breakfast waiting for us. Toast, cereal, tea, coffee, juice, fruit as well as bacon and eggs. It was pretty nice, even if I didn’t eat all that much. Bacon is always worth it! We checked out of the hotel and went to Questacon which is basically like a huge Scitech. There are levels and levels or crazy scientific machines and thingamagigies. It was lots and lots of fun. They have a giant tesla coil that shoots electricity, which was pretty cool. Though we somehow spent most of our time at the metal ball bearing that you roll around a giant funnel…uh exhibit. It’s funny how entertaining the simplest things can be. It’s sort of like being a little kid again running around to every exhibit in turn and pressing all the buttons and turning all the knobs you can before either being disappointed or gasping in amazement and then rapidly moving on to the next machine in line. It was good fun. Oh and Tim, Tom and I spent like a minute spinning this rubber duck bath thing as fast as we could, I think it was meant to show you centripetal force or something. Haha good times.

Then Tom and I went to this huge shopping mall there, while Tim and Jess went visiting her grandparents. There was this weird chicken place, um I am going to try and find what it’s called. Kingsley Chicken. Yeah…Canberra’s a weird place. I remember liking there motto though, which I now read is ‘Unbelievable value, awesome chips’. Way to tell it how it is mr/miss/mrs/prof/dr/sir Kingsley! I remember having a double espresso and a cappuccino in my hand at one stage and I believe I also had a V at some stage. I’m basically running on caffeine by this point. After a while Jess picked us up and then we went to the ANZAC memorial. Wow, that was just amazing to say the least. The photos really don’t do it any justice. Going though the museum left me depressed and sad but the memorial itself was so celebratory in comparison. It was just so majestic. I…can’t really explain it very well. But it was just wondrous.

By now it was time to be heading back, so we had to skip the miniature village which made me a little disappointed. I remember going to ‘Castle Fun Park’ in Mandurah, I think it’s closed now, but it was just little models of castles and miniature figures. I loved that place, I’d always make my dad stop there when we could, which obviously wasn’t too often as we don’t live anywhere near Mandurah but we went of lots of ‘family drives’… anyway my point is miniature things are cool.

So then we were heading back towards Sydney. We also conveniently passed the Big Marino; it’s just like at the front of a servo seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Still I was happy to add “Seen one of Australia’s ‘big’ things” to the list of stuff I’ve done. Oh and I missed saying about Macca’s in between Sydney and Canberra. I guess not really worth a big mention but there is a Macca’s on the way to Canberra from Sydney (and visa versa) which has Shell service stations on either side of the motorway and has about a dozen registers and I’d say it pretty big, not as big as the one in Thornleigh but still pretty big, and it seemed to be very busy both times we went. What’s funny is that down the road further there is a Hungry Jacks and BP trying to do a similar thing only it was like completely deserted (as far as I could tell). Well…*I* thought it was funny, so there. We continued on our way back to Sydney, Tom taking over part of the way because Jess was getting a little sleepy by this point. We listened to Les Mis part of the way, which really made me want to see it. Apparently they are coming to Perth soon, I’m really going to try and go.

Anyway that was Canberra. And another really long post. Seems like this is going to be at least a 3 parter ladies.

Now, I’m home all alone. Who wants to keep me company? I ascared….

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Sydney, Sydney itsa hellava town the schoolyards up and the shopping mall’s down.

Posted by electricaxe on August 3, 2009

I thought it was about time I blogged again especially because I’ve been out of my usual state for the last month. I feeling a little ‘bleg’ though so um stay with me, or don’t, I don’t really care. But this is going to be really long so just know that I suppose.

So I better start from the top. At the end of June I totally quit my job which was pretty exhilarating, the job was overall okay but I had really had enough of being there. Lots of people including my parents and my boss didn’t support my decision to leave there with not having another job to go to because that would leave me draining the savings I had put aside. Only a few people really knew were I was at, at that point in time and their continued support basically means the world to me, so thanks I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help.

With that chapter of my life closed, it was time to move on. By which I mean take a well needed and extended holiday across the country. So that’s what I did. The day after I had hung up my business tie (I believe the date was the 27th of June by memory) I headed from Perth to Sydney to basically do the whole tourist thing and most importantly to see Jessie and Tim who had been over there for like 2 months at the time. My flight ended up being delayed for a bit but due to some gusty winds I got into Sydney at the time I was supposed to. Sydney Airport is huge and it pretty much blew me away when I got there. Others may not agree with me but it sort of seems like it’s a shopping mall with an airport attached to it for kicks. I called Tim or he called me and I told him that I had arrived safely. He wanted me to get to the front of the airport once I had my luggage and Jess would drive by and pick me up, but I had no idea were I really was and was still a little dumbstruck by it all. So we decided that it would probably be best if they would come inside to meet me. At this point it’s traditional for one to gather their luggage, so I stood by the whirly machine that spits of luggage and intensely studied each item that whizzed past. In my deeply concentrative state I fail a listen check to hear Jess running up from behind me. She grabbed me in a bear hug, which would give her an attack of opportunity I guess; anyway I’m pretty paralyzed by this stage, so yeah. Alright, I’ll stop with the DnD references. 🙂 Heh but it was really really excellent to see Jess and Tim again.

Oh man, the next part is great you see because Jess drove me from the airport to the suburb were I was staying. I’ve been in the car when she was driving before but this time it wasn’t illegal or at the back of Tim’s parents property. She’s a really good driver. I’m thinking maybe I should just give her MY license that seems fairer. Although in reality I guess she would probably get into more trouble trying to get people to believe she is me. This whole plan won’t work. /abandon.
As we drove though the city of Sydney I remember making a comment about how blue it was. I guess the people of Sydney love the colour blue because most of the signs and lights on the various buildings were all blue. Now it takes about 4-6 tunnels to get from the airport to the suburb of Thornleigh were I was staying. As we passed one of the tunnels Jess told me a story about how she once walked the entire length of it. I was pretty impressed, it was a damn long tunnel I could only a liken it to the length of the Great Wall of China. At least that’s how I remember it. We passed though another tunnel cut though a hill the sides all sheer rock, this is Tim’s favorite tunnel. This I would gladly learn many times throughout my trip, but needless to say it is a really nice tunnel. Sitting up the front of the car I remember eagerly trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible despite it being dark outside. I really like Sydney, it’s very pretty. Unlike Perth there are rolling hills and trees everywhere. I stopped what I was doing several times on my trip just to gaze out over the landscape, lines and lines of trees dripping and rising again towards the horizon. It’s very picturesque and this was just in the suburbs.
But I digress. So Jess took me to Woolworths and I got some things that I thought I might need, not impressed? This is basically in the middle of the night and the shops are still open! Jealous much. 🙂

Now after 834 words or there about I finally get to my hotel room (well I check in first and then I go to my hotel room) Pictures below if I can be bother uploading them from my camera at the end of this. It was a pretty small room but fairly cozy. The bathroom came from space and I think we had several discussions relating it to the Tardis from Doctor Who. The double bed was pretty comfortable (you can ask Jess, Tim and John about that one 😉 though Sean refused my invitation). Most of the hotels I had been to previously have had Foxtel but this place just had Free-to-air TV but I spent most of my time not in my room anyway so it wasn’t much of a bother. I dumped all my luggage and Jess wrote me a helpful checklist which I have kept to this day. Next Jess took me to see her mum and the lovable Tommy. Jess’ place was about 5 minutes drive or about 15-20 minutes walk away. Very convenient, and if that’s too far there’s a small suburban shopping centre on the way, where you can gather supplies and buckle down for the night if needs be…and regenerate your spells *cough*.

Jess’ mum is just about the sweetest lady I’ve had the good fortune to meet. Alright hold off the mum jokes while I try to explain. You know how most mums go out of their way to make sure your comfortable and you’ve got a drink or whatever bogus ritual they want to abide by and I’m sure they mean well but it’s most obviously fake. I had the pleasure of meeting with Jess’ mum several times and she sort of makes you feel comfortable without going into all that other ridiculous stuff. I dunno, I guess it’s harder to explain then I thought. I guess she just seems really outgoing, nice and genuine, at least that’s the feeling I got.
Tommy! Tommy is Jess’ cat for those of you that didn’t know and he’s the softest cat ever! I’m the first person to admit that I’m probably more of a dog person then a cat person although the fact that you need to choose one over the other is a little absurd. Stupid society. Anyway I’ve still always been intrigued by cats, how they have their own unique personalities and how they can go off and do their own thing but still know where to come back to for cuddles. I like cats, maybe when I move out I might get one. The one thing I’ve learned is that you need to keep telling your cat that he/she is in fact a cat, otherwise they may forget. I am a fountain of kitty knowledge now!…not really.

Pause to wait for all the pussy jokes to be over.

And we’re off again! However all the next stuff is going to come all over the place (that’s what she said?) ’cause I don’t remember the order of things happening. Also I may get a couple of things wrong, my memory is shoddy at the best if times so forgive me.

Okay picking out the highlights.

We played quite a lot of DnD; I made a paladin and a knight. I mention this because at a couple DnD nights I got the chance to meet with some of Jess’ Sydney friends, Julieanne, James and Emma. Of course Tom was also there, but most of you already know he’s cool. They all seemed really nice. Though later in the night Julieanne and Emma had the tendency to break into song which I don’t mind except that these songs stayed with me for like the next couple of days. So now I’m walking down the street humming ‘heads and shoulders, knees and toes’ or something similar. I can see were Jess got her tolerance from when dealing with these big DnD groups that lose track of were they are every 3 seconds 😛 But yeah, everyone was really inviting and welcoming, which was very nice. I also met on separate occasions Jess’ friend Sarah and Chris who lives in Darwin but managed to turn up to one of our DnD sessions via web cam, you may remember he’s number one hit about cheeseburgers, I forget what it’s called.

Jess drove me down The Comenarra Parkway which is a road that goes up and down much like a rollercoaster with nature reserves on either side. It was lots of fun, especially when everyone in the car is making ‘Wooooahhhh!’ noises. Good times.

Jess would take me on these nightly tours which were just about the best thing about my trip. She would choose a direction or a location and just drive me around showing me all the sites that north west Sydney had to offer. She took me to Hornsby and to the bastard school that denied her entry. YOU BASTARDS! We also went to Bobbin Head (teehee) it was dark and I have only a vague idea about what was actually there but we drove a couple of K’s down a dark and winding road with cliffs and bush on either side, not really knowing how far the road extends or whether we would see our families again but we pushed on. We finally reached the end of the road and there was a small bridge leading out to what I believe was a lighthouse, everything was covered in a very think layer of fog it was pretty creepy looking and also pretty awesome. we turned back towards civilization and on the way we saw a little animal, I can’t remember what exactly it was, but it was pretty cute, just standing by the road eating and we could see it beautifully in Jess’ headlights (no boob jokes please) What a cutie.
One night Jess took me see were she used to live, it was a little flat with a small park just down the road that she would go and play in with her friends. Awww. Then we almost died at a really really giant Shell service station. That place should be quarantined. I’m pretty sure there were some dead bodies lodged in the air vents near the toilets.
Jessie also drove me to Paramatta which as I remember as being sort of like Subiaco only less spread out.

Almost 2000 words, I should probably quit I’ve been typing this for hours. Next time Luna Park, Canberra and whatever else I can remember. What a great holiday. Thanks so much Jess and Tim, I had a great time. Miss you guys already.

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Life update.

Posted by electricaxe on March 24, 2009

Things don’t seem to be going right lately. I’m not complaining, I just find it helps to write how I’m feeling. So that’s what I’m doing.

I know I need to do many things in my life, make many changes. I don’t like the lax, yet stressful person I have become. I don’t want to really do anything, and then when I do I’m worried about how people will judge me for it.

Today was a pretty big day at work, a lot of announcements. A new boss is starting and he’s just been given the introduction to all the current staff. As well as that another of my ‘bosses’ just announced she is going to have a baby and is going on maternity leave soon. Everyone’s always having a baby in that place; it must be something in the water. I’m glad I bring my water bottled from home. I don’t need babies at the moment, thank you. Needless to say, things are going to start moving pretty fast in that place.

Yeah, so lots of things to change. I plan on getting rid of my job VERY soon. I’m just not happy in that place anymore. I’ve wanted to leave that place for a while, but I was always afraid of taking the step forward. It may seem like an easy step for some, but it’s something I had never had to do before. After talking to a few people (you all know who you are) I managed to get up the courage to tell my boss that I’m looking for another job. Man, it was such a good feeling, such a load off. I can’t thank those people enough for all there help and continued support in me. In the end, it wasn’t as difficult as I had led myself to believe. I’m on my way out of that place, I can feel it, and it feels great. Even though the job market is so unstable at the moment I am still considering giving it all in, while I look for another job. I’ve had my boss and my parents on me that ‘you need to have an income’, but everyday I almost loathe going into that place. I don’t even know why anymore. The job isn’t that bad. The people are nice and friendly. But I still just don’t wanna be there. I think I may have almost checked out mentally, now I’m just going through the motions.

Other things I need to do move out of home. Everyone says ‘stay at home as long as you can, you’ll regret it if you don’t’ this may be true and I understand were they are coming from. Why pay for any expenses if you can get it for free or cheap? But I have a feeling, a feeling I can’t quite explain. Although my parents are very protective of me they still give me my own space for the most part. I thank them for that. But I yearn for more freedom, freedom which I can’t get while I’m living under this roof. It’s nothing in particular, just generally. I wanna start to be my own person.

Speaking to my boss today, maybe I need a nice long holiday. To get my priorities in order. I dunno. At the moment I just want everything to happen. I know it’s not, it’ll all take time. I know that.

Maybe instead of leaving my work so soon, I should keep looking for a job and use that income to move out. Maybe. But where do I move to, if I don’t know where I am going to work. It’s hard to see which piece of the puzzle to start off with first. I’m hoping once I can change a major part of my life i.e. my job or living arrangements, that when it comes to changing smaller things it wont seem so hard. I’m not saying that I’ll quit my job and it’ll all be smooth sailing from then on. Nah, but I need to jump right in otherwise I’ll be forever testing the water.

Geeze what’s with me and water today. I guess I am a little thirsty.
Hey, you know what the first thing I should do is? Stop bitching on my blog. I think that’s a good start.

Completely off topic here, what’s with this.


Twitter Whale

Alright Twitter, are you’re over capacity or have you now lost the ability to transport stoned whales around? I’d Twitter about this, but I guess I can’t.

Okay, well I guess that’s me for now. I’ll try and make the next update less whiny.

Thanks for sticking around.

‘night all.

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